Hiv Edpidemiology

Coordinated all behavioral and HIV prevention research related to the largest longitudinal study of gay/bisexual men, both with and without HIV infection, based in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Baltimore/DC and LA. Conducted monthly meetings of all members of the BWG and outside investigators interested in working with MACS behavioral data, wrote semi-annual progress reports on all BWG research activities involving MACS subjects or data and prepared Behavioral and HIV Prevention Research sections of MACS funding renewal applications. Major accomplishments included launching first studies of the behavioral, attitudinal and sexual practice implications of the new anti-retroviral treatments beginning in 1996; obtaining funding from NIDA/NIMH for an additional 12 add-on projects to study the role of drugs and mental health in HIV infection and disease progression among men in the MACS; and the recent demonstration that 2/3rds of all new recent HIV infections in the MACS were associated with the use of stimulants, poppers or erectile dysfunction drugs, either alone or in combination.